Dennis Public Market
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7:00am - 8:00pm
Senior Hours 6:00am - 7:00am
7 Days a Week

653 Main Street Route 6A in Dennis Village

Phone: 508-385-3215
Fax: 508-385-3280

Dennis Public Market Street Sign We are not your typical grocery store; however, we are a full-service grocery store. We carry a full line of Hood Milk Products, fresh produce, Ice Cream, soda, spices, health and beauty, summer items, as well as your everyday traditional groceries…(chips, soda, cereals & paper products) .

As the seasons change so do the items, we keep things moving all the time. On your way to the beach? Pick up your lunch, chips, beer, beach chair, cooler full of ice at the same time you pick up your Certified Angus Chuck Patties for the grill for dinner!

No time to cook? Let DPM do the cooking! We currently have over 10 dinner entrees available daily, fully cooked and ready to go. We also have freshly made salads ready to go. Our deli cooks roaster chickens, barbeque ribs, beef ribs, pork loins, meatballs, chicken tenders, hot soups and much more every day.  Stop by to see what we’ve been cooking… the menu changes daily.

One stop shopping here at the Dennis Public Market.

Did you know that DPM sells the famous Sundae School Ice Cream? We do!

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